For Consumers

Regulation E provides most consumers with more than an adequate window of time to identify and dispute unauthorized electronic transactions. That’s why many banks offering protection for unauthorized ACH debits have focused on technology to protect business account holders. This makes sense, given the typically higher balances of those commercial accounts and the limited time they have to protect themselves. But did you know that the same technology being used to protect business customers can be offered to you?

With this technology, you can be alerted of incoming ACH debit withdrawals, define your own alert criteria, return unauthorized transactions same day, and complete required dispute forms online. You can make bill paying even easier by adding regular payments, such as insurance, utility and mortgage companies, to your approved list. This minimizes future alerts and lets you set them up to pay automatically. The urgency to identify possibly fraudulent transactions quickly isn’t as much of a concern for you as it is for businesses, but it sure is convenient to keep your funds in your account, isn’t it?

Automated verification of wire transfers can also be set up in much the same way, making it easy for you to set up wire transfer requests online instead of going to a physical location to wire funds.

As an account holder, you should enjoy the same protection and convenience your bank offers to its business customers. All you have to do is ask for it.